2014 Tour de France: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Mark Cavendish

With this year’s Tour de France race underway, it’s been quite a start to say the least with the race commencing in England. For English racing fans, it was devastating news to find out that hometown boy Mark Cavendish was forced to retire so early in the race due to a separated shoulder injury that occurred close to the finish line in stage 1. Now that the race moves across the channel to France, the action will surely be fierce as the riders tackle the mountains for the next 2 weeks.

imagesIn just a few days, on the 12th of July, the race is expected to kick off at Tom Blaine to Gerar d’mer La Naus Elaine in a hill stage to mark the end of the 8th stage. The 9th stage of Tour de France will take place on the 13th of July from Gerar d’mer to Nulhouse and will see a distance of 166 kilometers covered on a hill stage. The tenth stage will follow on the 14th of July starting at Nulhouse to La Planche DES belles Filles. This will be the first mountain stage of the race where a mileage of 161 kilometers will be covered. The cyclists will then take a day off on the 15th of July and are expected to resume racing on 16th July to cover the 11th stage of the race which covers the stretch from Besancon to Oyonax, a distance of 186 kilometers. The twelfth stage of the race will be covered on the 17th of July and will start at Bourgen Bresse to Saint Etienne. The setting of this race will be in a hill stage.

On the 18th of July, the mountain stage from Saint Ettiene to Chamrosse, a distance of 200 kilometers, will be covered, marking the end of the 13th stage. On 19th July, the race will take the cyclists from Grenoble to Risoul a mileage of 177 kilometers in a mountain stage setting. The 15th stage of the race will be covered on the 20th of July in a flat stage setting and will cover the distance from Tallard to Nimes. The cyclists will then be allowed to rest on 21st of July. The 16th stage of the race will take place on the 22nd of July and will open the race to stage 17 and 18 which will take place over a series of three mountain stage settings. This will end in the town of Hautacam. The 19th stage of the race is set to take place on the 25th of July and will run from Maubourguet Pays du Yal d’Adour to Bergeruc. A special individual time trail of 54 kilometers will mark the 20th stage of the race on the 26th of July. This will take place from Bergerac to Perigueux. The final stage of the race will run from Every to Paris on the 27th of July and will crown the winner of this year’s tour.

According to English bookie, bet365, odds are on Chris Froome to repeat as champion of the Tour de France. Others in the running include Alberto Contador and Vincenzo Nibali. To experience all the thrill with rooting for your favorite cyclist, I suggest you give the helpful 365 Bet deposit guide at http://www.bookmaker-info.com/en/ a look-over as you get prepared to for taking your love of sports to an entire new level.

With the summer just kicking off and the Tour de France in high gear, the next few weeks are sure to not be a disappointment for cycling fans the world over.

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