Japanese Sub-Culture 101: Anime Japan Style

Astro BoyThe Japanese animation industry has been around for years but who are the most influential of the animators to date? How has anime blossomed into the industry that it has become present day? Let’s take a more closer look at this intriguing sub-culture.

Starting off the anime industry was advanced by the likes of Mitsuyo Seo and also Masaoka who introduced sound in addition to use of the cell animation. These animators however had to rely on the government of Japan for support as it was really tough to be able to survive in the industry commercially. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” a film production by Walt Disney, was a great inspiration to the animation industry in Japan. The 1970s saw film market in the country drop immensely due to the high and also increased competition that came from television. Osamu Tezuka, one of the most notable anime pioneers, somehow survived this ordeal. He produced such impressive animation works such that he was endorsed with the name ‘comic god’. The “large eyes” kind of style that he used is still key to Japanese anime even to date. One of his greatest production is “Astro Boy” a robot boy who had a heart which was atomic and really wished that he had been born real.

Today, Japanese anime has not only gained popularity in the country alone but also in other mainstream areas such as the West. In actual fact, the anime fame has led to a higher demand that exceeds its own country’s boundaries. Tezuka’s style of producing characters with big and also rounded eyes that exceed realism, is one distinctive characteristic of Japanese anime. There are also other factors that define this animation industry in Japan and also keeps it a step ahead of the others, including the West. This may include such things as, not limiting their animation characters to a certain look or even a particular kind of personality and even better still the way in which the anime artists take on the subject matter. The anime series are those that accommodate any kind of persuasion, sex, and even age unlike the cartoons.

The great plots that are defined by outstanding quality stories, drawings, and also sketches are bound to make you enjoy, love and also appreciate Japanese anime. The anime has also quite a remarkable following, so why not be among the fans?

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