USS Blandy Association Officers

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The Officers listed below were chosen by popular vote at our reunion in Fredrick, MD September 18, 2004 and will serve the association untill the last day of the next reunion in the fall of 2006 in the Philadelphia, PA area.

We invite all of your comments about our reunion or any other business concerning the association. We also would like everyone to keep in mind that the officers of the association should be informed of any situation where a shipmate or his significant other passes away or is seriously ill or injured so that we have the opportunity to express our concerns by sending flowers or get well wishes to the shipmate or his family.

PresidentStanley (Ski) Jaroszewski SM11961-1967email
Vice President Richard Voss BM3 1964-1967
Treasurer/Secretary Ted Buckenmaier LT 1957-1959 email
Webmaster Bruce Cogswell RD2 1961-1964 email